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A conversation between makers and materials

Rocky Neck Cultural Center, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Joan Benotti Co-Curator with Conny Goelz Schmitt

Eight artists explore the opposition of order by deconstructing and constructing across media. Objects and images are reconsidered, altered and remade in paper, paint, flora, fiber, photography and metal.

Susan Alport
Joan Benotti
Paul Cary Goldberg
Tim Hansen
Erica Licea-Kane
Conny Goelz Schmitt
Rebecca Schnopp
Daniel Zeese

The Fell pieces are based on studies of birch trees I began while on a winter break in Northern New Hampshire. The word can mean the skin of an animal or a pelt as well as to cut or knock down a tree. These many layered pieces are stretched and primed, painted, gilded, torn into strips, machine stitched and hand finished. The Birch Series of woven and sewn painted paper collages are a continuation of this exploration.


An ancient word inspires a contemporary exhibit.

Flatrocks Gallery, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Joan Benotti Guest Curator with writer Ann McArdle

Playful and immersive, eight artists explore ideas of back and forth, pattern, rhythm, relationships between people and things and time and place in paint, paper, film, fiber, photography and word.

Joan Benotti
Paul Cary Goldberg
Ann McArdle
Valerie Weigand McCaffrey
Nick Neyeloff
Conny Goelz Schmitt
Linda Lagano Sojda
Juni Van Dyke

This work is my first large scale, sewn and woven, painted and gilded piece.

Tilling and Weaving speaks to the back and forth, bi-directional element of boustrophedon as well as the cyclical rhythm of the seasons. The title is based on a theme illustrated in early Chinese paintings where women weave silk and men till fields. The piece is under painted and gilded on both sides, then taken off the stretcher, ripped and patched, woven and sewn. This process is a working memory from childhood of watching my grandmother, a skilled seamstress, bead and sew. I was as fascinated then, as I still am now by the wrong side as much as the right side of things.

View detail and process images here.